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Egg Cracker with yolk separator
Egg Cracker with yolk separator
Egg Cracker with yolk separator
Egg Cracker with yolk separator
Egg Cracker with yolk separator

Egg Cracker with yolk separator

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Make breakfast quickly with our Easy Egg Cracker.

Simply place the egg in the grip, and crack over the bowl, no mess, and no stress.

This sturdy device will mean no more messy egg cracks or getting the shell in your bowl.

Made of BPA free plastic

eggs for breakfast sounds delightful. But cracking eggs is a messy thing to do. Those tiny shell fragments getting into your food is a bit bothersome. Also, when you want to separate the yolk from the egg white, manually doing it takes time and feels sticky.

Crack eggs swiftly and smoothly with the Egg Cracker which also comes with an egg separator attachment so you can separate the egg yolks quickly in just a single squeeze!

When you can't be bothered to crack your own eggs, you need a device that just does it for you! That's just what this automatic egg cracking device does. It takes the stress, mess, and hard labor out of the egg cracking!

To use it, just insert an egg into the two white circles that hold it in place, then just pull the trigger on the handle and an arm will come down from the top to hold it in place, along with 2 separating razors on the bottom of the egg that pull it apart. The contents of the egg will then drop into the bowl placed below.

The automatic egg cracking tool even comes with an add-on that lets you just drop-in the egg whites. A platform below the egg cracker will hold the yolk in place while the egg whites fall freely in your cooking bowl.

The automatic egg cracking gadget is made from plastic injected molding along with stainless steel blades that separate the eggshell. It has a hole on the end of the handle to easily hang it in your kitchen, and an ergonomic handle makes it super quick and easy to use.

Once your done, just flip the empty eggshell into a trash bin, and either add another egg into the cracker or rinse it off and toss it into the dishwasher, as it's dishwasher safe.

  • Automatic egg cracking tool
  • Cracks egg quickly and cleanly
  • Uses razor on the bottom to separate eggshells
  • Has optional egg white separator attachment
  • White in color
  • Made from plastic and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe

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